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1. When is my due date?

Enter The First Day Of Your Last Period:

Your due date is about:

This calculation assumes that you have regular 28 day periods.

2. I am bleeding during my early pregnancy (1 to 3-4 months). What can I do?

If the bleeding is just spotting (less than a period) and there is no pain, I advise you to stay at home and call the office the next morning (416 226 1661) or fax (416 222 2538).
We advise you against using Telehealth or your emergency department. Waiting times are long and your condition will not be diagnosed any earlier.

But if:

1) ** Bleeding more than a period;
2) ** Lots of pain;
3) ** Passage of tissue;
4) ** Temperature > 38.5C;

1) Call the office;
2) At night you can call me at 416 417 9200;
3) Go to emergency department at N.Y.G.H. (they may call me).

Bleeding after 4 months:

1) Call the office;
2) Go to Labor and Delivery at N.Y.G.H. (2nd floor).

3. I've suffering from nausea and severe vomiting. What can I do?

Click Here for more details!

4. Is it mandatory to take vitamins during pregnancy? What about folic acid in the early pregnancy?

Vitamins are supplements. Folic acid should be taken at least for 3 months before and during the pregnancy. Remember, eating properly (well balanced diet) is very important.

Details about folic acid - click here!

5. Is it safe to lay down or sleep on my back?

It is safe if you do not feel faint or if the baby isn't moving actively on your back.

6. Are there any exceptions for pregnant women having an epidural? Which conditions should a pregnant woman not have an epidural?

Here are some conditions:
a) - if you have had a bleeding disorder
b) - if you have had a back surgery
c) - if you have had a very bad back pain
d) - congenital back abnormality

For further information about epidurals go to

7. Travel Plans

Please always check with Dr. Pairaudeau whenever you want to go away (especially to places where there is little medical help or no medical help at all).
Please remember the early part of pregnancy (6-19 weeks), there are special tests and we prefer you not to go away at that time. Please check with Dr. Pairaudeau staff. Inform us when is your due date. The safest possible time to travel is between 20-28 weeks.

We advise you against any travel plans after 32 weeks.

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