I am bleeding during my early pregnancy (1 to 3-4 months). What can I do?

If the bleeding is just spotting (less than a period) and there is no pain, I advise you to stay at home and call the office the next morning (416 226 1661) or send an email to g2p@rgoers.com

If the bleeding less than a period but no real pain call Dr Pairaudeau (416 417 9200)

In case of heavy bleeding a lot more than a period and pain please go to the hospital.

Passage of tissue and or fevers over 38.5 go to the hospital.

We advise you against using Telehealth or your emergency department. Waiting times are long and your condition will not be diagnosed any earlier.

I've suffering from nausea and severe vomiting. What can I do?

Please go to MotherRisk or SOGC

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Is it mandatory to take vitamins during pregnancy? What about folic acid in the early pregnancy?

Vitamins are supplements. Folic acid should be taken at least for 3 months before and during the pregnancy. Remember, eating properly (well balanced diet) is very important.

Details about folic acid – click here!

Healthy Eating!

It is very important to eat properly, but it is very difficult to find what is really essential these days.  Safe, healthy eating with real nutritional food should be a main focus for all pregnant woman.  Core components of carbohydrates, fats, protein and minerals with good fluid balance is the essential basis of good nutrition.

If it looks good, smells good, cooked properly, and the essential ingredients are fresh – this is a good start.  IF you don’t understand what is on the packaging try to stay away!

I have very mixed feelings about abuse of vitamins and supplements. There is much abuse and unproven scientific evidence for mega doses of various Vitamins that “health food/supplement” companies take advantage of – beware.

Is it safe to lay down or sleep on my back?

It is safe if you do not feel faint or if the baby isn’t moving actively on your back.

Are there any exceptions for pregnant women having an epidural? Which conditions should a pregnant woman not have an epidural?

Here are some conditions:

  • If you have had a bleeding disorder
  • If you have had a back surgery
  • If you have had a very bad back pain
  • Congenital back abnormality

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